Roadmaps For Growing Your Knowledge

Reading a map

As technologists, we are always learning. We may be looking to solve a technical problem that we’ve encountered or to pick up knowledge on an emerging technology. Over the years, we have seen great strides in online learning. Today’s Internet provides a wealth of resources, such as Stack Overflow, Pluralsight and Lynda. While having these websites at our fingertips is certainly beneficial, the proliferation of resources has presented a challenge to learning new technologies. Let’s look a little closer at the challenge.


When I start to learn a new technology, I usually start by visiting the product’s website. Unfortunately, I find most websites to simply be an advertisement for the product. My next step is to read the product’s documentation. This starts out well, but I often find documentation to be too generic with little consideration to how the technology is used in the wild. After getting through the documentation, I turn to Google. This results in a myriad of beginner blog posts that barely touch the surface of the features available. I can turn to books, but they tend to mirror the online documentation. My last stop is to spend hours in on-line training courses. These are usually beneficial; however, with so many courses available, which ones do I choose?


My company’s goal is to sift through the maze of resources available on the web and provide you with roadmaps for learning both established and emerging technologies. As it would be impossible to do this by myself, my goal is for this site to be collaborative. I hope that we can build well structured content together that will be an asset for technologists looking to grow their knowledge.